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Global trade, unified.

We simplify global trade. 

OUR mission

This is what we do.

Paleo is shaping the future of how merchants trade and reinventing the supply chain.

Merchant First

Paleo's primary mission is to make trade easy and direct, so one of our main features is to be a highly reliable source of information for any trade business.

Always connected

As all product data lives inside Paleo's universal database, trade partnerships and catalog transfers are instant. No need for integrations or data formatting. 

Simplify trade

The paleo marketplace focuses on a central data type. This means that trade orders rely on product data in Paleo, which fuels the entire Paleo universe.


Always conneted

Gone are the days of sending and formatting hundreds of data files to access product data. Instead, paleo's universal database centralizes all your product data and lets you share it with your trade partners in a single click. 

Easily import your current catalog to your Paleo catalog

Always keep your trade partners up to date with product data changes, discontinued items, and more

Trade with partners all over the world, no matter the currency or measurement system used. Paleo converts it in real-time.

Share your catalogs with partners in a single click, while keep control over what information is being shared and what isn't. 


Fill all your sales channels from a single data source.

Always connected

Paleo keeps your product data and trade data in sync.

Fill all your sales channels (POS, Online stores, catalogs,…) from a single data source.

Discover the power of our universal database.

Our universal database unifies all product data in one unified place, to ensure smooth trade between merchants and no more disconnected databases.

Effortless integration.

Easily integrate with all your favourite tools through Paleo's powerful API and integrations.

Your data, where you need it

Use your catalog data everywhere with the Paleo API

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You can access your catalog data on your own UI, e-commerce store, POS system, and much more through Paleo's easy-to-use API. 

const Paleo = require('paleo');
    const paleo = Paleo('sk_test_mfKWX4ueXFH8VjqFzFb0nfXB');
    paleo.catalog.retrieve('ch_3JZ3kuE82lxYwUI3141Cx1Mj', {
      expand: ['product', 'product.details'],
  "id": "ch_3JZ3kuE82lxYwUI3141Cx1Mj",
  “title”: "Green Velvet Sneakers",
  "idn": {
    "identity": "cu_1JZ3wgE82lxYwUI3b84x0PhJ",
    "paleo_code": "92eE1o5485iJ648009545"
  "details": {
    "id": "in_1JZ3wg2Tb35ankTnIxNvfnxv",
    "object": "details",
    "details": {
      "id": "su_1JZ3wg2Tb35ankTnEc7P56Qw",
      "object": "details",
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